• mind·share·eq

    A company created to help people differentiate their thoughts from their behavior.


    Why MindShareEQ is Important

    MindshareEQ is a unique consulting company that helps people to Stop, Learn and Reflect on their preferred way of thinking and behaving in a wide variety of daily encounters. Through individual assessment testing and interactive workshops, the facilitators of MindshareEQ enlighten families, businesses, board members and students about themselves and others.


    e·mo·tion·al - in·tel·li·gence (EQ)

    The capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of other.

    Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is Important

    If you seek to improve your relationships and your communication skills, then Emotional Intelligence can provide you with an awareness about yourself and your abilities. Since we are human and have feelings, EQ helps us to better perceive our emotions, allowing us to understand them and our relationships.

    Self- a·ware·ness

    Conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

    Why Self-awareness is Important

    It’s an awareness of your emotions; stopping to think and observe yourself before your emotions affect your behavior. Imagine how much more effective you could be in the office, home, classroom or boardroom if you learned to manage your stress, fear and anxiety.




  • Our Process

    Our process Stop - Learn - Reflect is simple yet effective for people who seek to become truly self-aware.


    STOP – Take the self-assessment test by Emergenetics to discover your thinking and behavioral preferences and create your Emergenetics profile.


    LEARN -Through our workshops and individual debriefing sessions, people expand their knowledge of themselves and others.


    REFLECT – Apply newly acquired communication skills as you reflect on your Emergenetics profile.

  • Emergenetics is a brain-based assessment of how a person thinks and behaves. The company, Emergenetics International was established in 1991 by Gail Browning, Ph.D. and Wendell Williams, Ph.D. The science behind the Emergenetics assessment was based on the Nobel prize winning theory of Roger Sperry, with his discoveries in neuroscience concerning the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres.

    Assessment Test

    Through a series of 100 well thought out questions, the Emergenetics profile tool combines the core principals of effective learning, communication styles, and team interaction. The 100-item questionnaire may appear simple; however it is actually the product of extensive social research proven to reliably capture the major thinking and behavioral preferences people commonly use.

  • Your Emergenetics Profile

    Your Emergenetics Profile will be created by the 100 question assessment test. Your profile is a shortcut to a deeper understanding of yourself and deeper understanding of others around you who have also taken the test (family, co-workers, peers, board members, etc.). Emergenetics will produce a report based on your seven thinking and behavioral attributes.

    The program facilitates an increased understanding of how thinking and behavior affect people in the work environment— including productivity, team effectiveness and creativity. Individuals learn to leverage their own strengths and develop awareness of what others bring to the table. Additionally, through our workshops and interactive exercises, participants learn how to work through their strengths to improve their least preferred attributes. Teams discover how to communicate and work more effectively by harnessing diverse perspectives. Companies around the world have used the Meeting of the Minds Workshop to experience a multifaceted approach for building knowledge, fostering understanding and bolstering organizational capacity.

  • Workshops

    Our signature Meeting Of the Minds Workshop reveals individual thinking and behavioral preferences through experiential and interactive learning. It is a customizable, results driven, and engaging workshop that focuses on building communication skills. Each participant will learn how to use Emergenetics in their every day lives. As they are increasing their self-awareness, they are building more effective team skills.


    Throughout the workshop, participants learn and benefit from their Emergenetics Profile assessment results, as well as through the action-oriented exercises. Below is a list of some of the exercises that we select from based on the make-up of the workshop participants.




  • Interactive Workshop Activities

    1. Mind Reader

    2. Feeling Scratchy

    3. Where to Go to Lunch

    4. How to Take a Vacation, How to Go Shopping

    5. Krazy Kontrapshunz

    6. If This Room Were a Brain

    7. WE-Boarding

    8. WEteam™ Summary Exercise

    9. Reflections

  • Power of WE Workshops

    Power of WE Workshops are a series of six workshops completed by participants who have previously completed the Meeting of the Minds Workshop. Participants of Power of We Workshops have a basic understanding of their own Emergenetics profile. Power of WE Workshops expand on the principals of Emergenetics, applying your specific thinking and behavior attributes to core values like trust building, team work and accelerating team performance.

  • Accelerating Team Performance

    Enhance ectiveness. Elevate performance.

    Through this workshop, participants will strengthen their ability to perform as a team, which enhances their support of the larger organization

    Building Trust

    Grow trust. Support performance.

    Specific techniques to build a foundation of team trust, team strengths and opportunities related to trust, and

    a personal and team action plan, designed to build a more trusting, supportive environment

    Crafting Team Norms

    Define values. Achieve success.

    Assess the success of team norms and adjust accordingly to support improved communication and performance. Helps teams with different values understand how to better interact with one another.

    Fostering Innovation

    Inspire employees. Drive new ideas.

    This workshop supports individuals, leaders, intact teams and groups of employees who are tasked with developing business strategies, product creation or problem solving.

    Managing Change

    Create alignment. Achieve results.

    This workshop can help teams that are going through changes, whether departmental or organizational. Specifically, the workshop can support:

    • Organizations implementing new business strategies

    • Acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations or new management

    • Teams “recovering” from change

    Respecting Differences

    Harness the positive impact of diversity.

    The Respecting Differences workshop is meant for intact teams that:

    • May not currently honor the differences of their teammates

    • Are unaware of how to see differences as a bene t to working relationships and responsibilities

  • Reinforce your thinking and behavioral attributes by downloading the FREE Emergenetics + App on your phone or tablet. In addition to having your profile and a learning roadmap at your fingertips, you can connect to people on your WE Team who have an Emergenetics profile. The App helps active participants to enhance their communication capabilities as they learn how to interact with people who have different thinking and behavioral strengths.

  • Who We Are

    MindshareEQ was created to help people better understand themselves; how they think and how they behave. In our current fast-paced world of technology, family, social and work pressures--we barely have time to think. However, how we think impacts how we behave. By using our program, you will learn how to build interpersonal skills and strategies that maximizes your performance.

  • Robin Donner

    Managing Member

    Certified Emergenetics Coach

    As an educator for over 30 years, Robin spent her time helping students understand themselves, as well as educating them on technical subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Robin uses Mathematics as a tool to help students learn how to think. Robin has a unique way of working with her students, helping them connect the subject matter with real-world problem-solving skills.


    With her education in Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology, coupled with her experience as a teacher, Robin was always intrigued by the science behind personality assessment tools. Her passion to help students, families, and people in the workplace lead Robin to become certified in Emergenetics.

    Robin is a natural facilitator among people, bringing a unique style and approach to her classroom. Through experiential learning in the Meeting of the Minds workshop, Robin helps participants realize greater individual and team potential. Teaching a variety of workshops like team building, communication skills and building teams norms in the workplace, Robin empowers people to better understand themselves and others.

    Brenda Abdilla

    Certified Emergenetics Coach

    Brenda is a highly experienced coach, facilitator, speaker and author with a long track record working with individuals and teams to increase their leadership effectiveness, and professional career results. Brenda is the CEO of Management Momentum, based in Denver, Colorado. She also works as a key member of the coaching and training team for Well-Connected Leader, based in California and runs the Executive Coach department for Powers Resource Center. Brenda is the facilitator/chair of a Denver chapter of the Woman Presidents’ Organization and also works as a facilitator for MindshareEQ in South Florida.


    Brenda is the author of three books, including “Selling for Results” 1994, “Marketing for Results” 1995, and “What’s Your Lane: Career Clarity for Moms Who Want to Work a Little, a Lot, or Not At All”, 2013. She has also published articles in over 50 print publications.

    Joshua Donner


    Josh Donner, formally from Warren, New Jersey currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Josh attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. During his time in Boulder, Josh spent his junior year interning at Emergenetics International. Working on the projects team at Emergenetics, Josh participated in and facilitated Meeting of the Minds workshops and utilized his research to build a competitive analysis on six rival personality inventories.

    Josh has used the tools provided to him by Emergenetics throughout his life’s journey. Josh believes that while currently in its infancy, breakthroughs in neuroscience and the value of personality / behavioral assessments will play a critical role in how we communicate and make decisions, both for individuals and teams

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